Opera & Music

Ukrainian musical stage has much to offer for any taste. Enjoy a rich folk performing art, plan a visit to one of the 3 iconic opera houses of Ukraine – Kyiv Opera, Odessa Opera or Lviv Opera to enjoy high quality performance and embark on a backstage tour and lavish see interiors. Modern Ukrainian bands and singers rock the world too. Dakha Braha – an ethnic chaos band, Onuka – an electro-folk band, the Hardkiss – a progressive pop band to name just a few…
We are here to listen to your music tastes and make your tour richer by adding local music flavors. We help you to organize tickets for modern music events, concerts and opera house.

Wine & Gastro

Ukrainian cuisine is a must-taste experience for any guest visiting Ukraine. Our gastronomy culture today is centuries old Ukrainian dishes (salo, borshch, holubtsi, nalysnyky, varenyky), modern recipes and fusions, traditional Ukrainian restaurants, gastronomic pubs and other new conceptual food spots. Do not forget to take a craft beer tour in Kyiv and Lviv, as well as taste locally produced wine and cognac. We make sure you try authentic Ukrainian food and drinks.

Roots & Heritage

For years we have been helping people from abroad discover their roots in Ukraine. Privately organized heritage tours and genealogical tours in Ukraine is a journey you can trust to us. We deal with all kind of requests - whether you need help in genealogical research or your close relatives were born in Ukraine and you wish to visit the place of interest and learn about heritage and local culture. Tours for Ukrainian diaspora, Jewish heritage tours, Greek heritage tours, Polish roots tours – have been our specialty for many years.


Pilgrim routes and religious tours are highly popular in Ukraine. Visit city of Golden Domes Kyiv and the cradle of the Orthodox Christianity of the Eastern Slavs – the Kyiv Pechersk Monastery, visit the Pochaiv Lavra near Ternopil city – a significant shrine of Orthodox faith. Enjoy a spirit of the Lviv city with its well preserved churches of different confessions. Old wooden churches of the Western Ukraine are included into the UNESCO Cultural heritage as well as St Sophia Cathedral and Pecherska Lavra in Kyiv. We will be pleased to organize spirituality tours that take you to holy places of high importance in Ukraine.


Ukraine has long been known as the Europe’s breadbasket thanks to its black “chernozem” soil. For the past years we have been dealing with many agricultural delegations that come to exchange experience and see Ukraine’s current farming progress.
We specialize in custom farm tours to Ukraine. Either you wish to visit a field or a farm, an agro enterprise or visit rustic villages and view how our people grow fruits and veggies in their own gardens – we are here to help you. For younger generations we offer sunflower field photo shoot tour!


Choose your experience to admire local art of Ukraine. Kyiv street art tour, unique Pysanka Museum with a large Easter-egg collection, Hutzul crafts tour in the Carpathians, Johann Georg Pinzel museum of Lviv famous for sacral Baroque sculptures, visit numerous galleries and museums with an astonishing collections of paintings, sculptures, drawing, and items of arts and crafts. Ukrainians have been famous for handmade talent and folk crafts worldwide.


There are plenty of ideas to make your next incentive trip in Ukraine unforgettable. From active team building programs to relaxing dining experience that is a Michelin star level of food and services and even exceeds it (do not tell a secret). Choose from our incentive ideas or write us to tailor an exclusive adventure you dream of.

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Chernobyl tour

This experience of visiting the exclusion zone
requires no advertisement. After Chernobyl miniseries by HBO the Chernobyl zone and Pripyat receive a lot of guests curious to see the place, where thirty and half decades ago the nuclear accident occurred and turned into the disaster for thousands of people. We offer one day and two-days tours to Chernobyl. Safe, private and professional.



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Photography tours have become popular in recent years. Ukraine with its diverse architecture and landscapes, capital’s bridges, rooftops and mural culture, sunflower fields and amazing parks, booming art and festival life, beautiful people and traditions inspires photo art lovers for creativity and photo shoot focus. Whether you need a travel route with remarkable photo spots  or a photo tour in a company of a guide in trend, or service of a professional photographer for your local walks and plans  - we are here to help you. 


Are you a nature lover? Then do not skip Ukraine to visit the diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna life. The 7 wonders of Ukraine have become a calling card of the country and include Dniester Canyon, Granite-steppe lands of Buh, Podilski Tovtry national park, Svitiaz lake, Oleshky sands - local Sahara dessert, Synevir amazing lake, Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve. Of course, there is much more to visit! Do not miss birdwatching in the Danube delta and Mizhrichynskyi Regional Landscape Park, autumn colors of the Sophiya Dendrological Park, the all season amazing Carpathians, oriental cherry bloom in Uzhgorod and Narcissus Valley in nearby Khust, blossom of Kyiv chestnuts and lilac trees in spring.

Medical & Spa

Quality treatment at reasonable prices gets real here. Ukraine is famous for resorts with curing mineral water, such as Truskavets - the champion famous city that boasts 14 mineral springs and all-inclusive healthcare programs in wellness hotels, Myrhorod - cozy town and well equipped health resort with 3 mineral springs, effective rehabilitation and treatment programs for diabetes, heart and GIT diseases, Morshyn - a town with a mild climate, charming nature and healing water for those people who have vulnerable digestive system. We boast professional and yet inexpensive dental care, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, rehabilitation, detox and spa programs for body and face, diagnostic programs and highly professional doctors who keep up with latest news in healthcare. Help your body and soul get well in Ukraine.



For active travellers we offer dynamic ways to enjoy beautiful spots and hidden corners of Ukraine: biking, kayaking, rafting, horse riding, skiing in winter,  hiking, trekking, yachting, wakesurf - modern in recent years extreme water sport, kitesurfing and jeep safaris. Explore Ukraine in different ways and trust us  your true-to-yourself travel needs 

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