KAYRA Black Sea Cruise turns 19 this year


Kayra Black Sea cruise Ukraine

This year we may not share with you stories and pictures of our clients that visit Ukraine, but with pleasure we recollect our memories and would like to share with you some of our remarkable events. The one told below was very interesting and emotionally rich!

In 2001 Atakoy Marina Yacht Club Atakoy Marina from Istanbul organized KAYRA Black Sea Cruise for 52 yachts with international teams. They sailed across the Black Sea and visited the ports of all countries on the Black Sea. Once arrived in Odesa yachts could not sail north by the Dnipro river to Kyiv since yachts had high sails and could not go through the sluice gates and bridges of the Dnipro.

The participants took a night train to Kyiv and once landed in the capital of Ukraine embarked on a cruise ship that took them down the river Dnipro back to Odesa. Yachtsmen turned into Dnipro cruise passengers. Our team from Ukraine-Rus' helped with the cruise program and set on a cruise together with 150 people.

There were 7 fun days and nights on the Taras Shevchenko ship along the route Kyiv – Kanev – Kremenchuk – Dnipro – Zaporizhzhia – Kherson – Odesa. Music by famous Ukrainian band Gorlitsa (now G-Art band) accompanied our guests all way through. As well as fun activities. In Kanev after visit the Taras Hill yachtsmen bought Ukrainian style clothes, fell in love with broidery, and made a costume party. It was quite funny to see Turkish men turned Cossacks. Visit to the Dnipro city coincided with the Bastille Day and French yachtsmen turned sad as they remembered they had forgotten their flag on board of a yacht in Odessa. So while the participants were visiting the Aerocosmic Museum, the team of Ukraine-Rus did some sewing and prepared the French flag.

Other impressions included: in Zaporizhzhia - Hortitsa island and Cossack horse show, in Kherson – Dnipro Delta and fish soup tasting, in Odessa – city sightseeing.

On this voyage our team member and vice president Catherine Romanyk saw for the first time the yucca plant in Kanev. Now, 19 years later it grows in her garden and reminds of that memorable Kayra event.


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